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Jewelry by Cole

..... Full service, quality service, and fast service all at the best price possible .....

Diamond & Precious Gem Acquisition

At Jewelry by Cole we sell a lot of diamonds and the reason is price...Whether you are shopping for 1CT or a 10CT diamond JbyC is your source.

Not only do we deal with diamond dealers around the world we offer the best only charge a finder’s fee of 10% on your diamond purchase. This can save you thousands of dollars... so give us a call to discuss your needs. Needless to say all stones are certified and guaranteed to be what they are.

We also have great sources around the world for all colored gems..... Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tourmalines, Opals...special cuts and large sizes are no problem ...

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

At Jewelry by Cole we have specialized in making one of a kind engagement rings and unique and durable wedding bands. If you have an idea for a special design that projects your feelings we can help.

Starting with design drawings, wax models,casting, and setting we do it all.When it comes to wedding bands and you something that is truly unique and your own the sky is the limit here. Matched sets plain gold diamond set white and yellow gold mix no problem....give us a call... we can help -

Fast Expert Cleaning Services

Are your diamonds sparkling a lot less lately and your gold is not as shiny as it once was from everyday wear. Bring it in to Jewelry by Cole and we will polish, rhodium coat and fire clean your diamonds so they look brand new.

After a year or two of daily wear, hard scale builds up under diamonds and gold gets fine scratches all over it which takes away that mirror finish look. Easy to fix and only takes about 20 minutes.

Mr. Cole's Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry by Cole makes there own jewelry cleaner. The cleaner has been specially formulated to clean all jewelry and give your gems their sparkle back and make that gold shiny and bright again.

This cleaner works better than any others on the market, It can be purchased for only $10.00 a bottle and comes with a full sized brush and a 100% money back guarantee. MADE IN THE USA